Q1. If I register, how many downlines do I need before I can earn ?
A1. You do not need any downlines to be able to earn. If you register 1,000 people, and I register nobody, if we are in the same level, our dividends must be equal.


Q2. If I do not need downlines to be able to earn, how can the business grow?
A2. The business grows through the collective efforts of all the investors i.e through sharing JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS’ posts on social media e.g. facebook, bulk sms, referring others to our website, inviting friends to join JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS group on social media and introducing friends and family members to JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS with a view to enabling them to benefit what we are already benefiting in the business.


Q3. What do I stand to gain by introducing prospects and having my referral code attached to their names on registration?
A3. At level 17, before recycling, all the payments made by those investors having your referral code attached to their names from level 6, will be paid back to you. In addition, if your referral codes total up to 1,000 from level 6 to 17, you will be presented with a brand new jeep.


Q4. Is JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS a pyramid networking business like many others ?
A4. No, JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS is not a pyramid. At level 17, after having made ₦6,553,500/ $122,880 in all from level 2 up upon the investment of only ₦1,000 / $4, one will be automatically recycled to start all over again from level 1. In JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS, investors in the same level equally benefit from level 6 up irrespective of how much they invest in level 1.


Q5. These days, it is frequently in the news how many networking businesses have been crashing and folding up. What assurance can you give a prospective investor that his investments will not be a loss?
A5. JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS proves to be about the only networking outfit around the world that is immune to crashing. In JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS, no giving or taking of loans, no bankruptcy, no other forms of investments – the concept is absolutely self-sufficient and self-preservative to fund itself, in the sense that the money that makes up a complete cycle in level 1, before change of levels, is more than enough to settle all dividends from level 2 to the apex level. Even if the rate of investments is slow, it can only slow down the rate at which dividends are paid, but never having any negative effect on the unending life-span of the network.


Q6. How soon will I start earning if I register today?
A6. As soon as the levels change for non-mega investments, you will be entitled to 10% dividends at level 2 if you have 10 accounts or more but less than N50,000, otherwise your earnings will commence at level 5 where you will collect the sum total of your dividends from level 2-5. The rate at which levels change depends solely on how people are trooping in or trickling into level 1. Where JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS becomes globally popular, levels might keep changing on a weekly basis or less still, and before levels change, dividends for that particular cycle must have been paid.


Q7. What does the originator intend to achieve with his concept?
A7(i) JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS was primarily predicated on the originator’s yearning to make money to serve man rather than the age-old world economic practice where man has been constrained to be a slave to money. From the beginning of time, man has been working for money rather than for money to work for man, thereby enabling him to use his talent in the service of humanity. Where JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS now empowers an average ‘earth man’ financially, he will be able to maximize the use of his natural endowments towards the advancement of the human race.
A7(ii) JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS is universal in all ramifications, especially in the area of the minimum investment of ₦1,000 /$4 that is affordable by virtually all human entities, such that beggars, prostitutes, armed-robbers, kidnappers, terrorists, human traffickers etc. whose motive of being neck-deep into crimes and ignoble living is as a result of poverty, such have-nots and out-laws will eventually join JC wealthy generation CONCEPTS and become completely rehabilitated.


Q8. Why do I need to give the company my bank details on registration?
A8. The tidiest means of payment of bills/dividends in this computer age is through the banking system. Where dividends payments are due, paying into investors’ bank accounts is the best thing to do, and where the individual investors’ accounts are not in our database, such a modern transfer of funds will be impossible.


Q9. Your poverty eradication policy appears to be a far cry from solving the immediate financial problem of an average struggler in the
land. What short-term measure have you put in place to enable the not- so-buoyant unemployed investors to sustain themselves before the long- term windfall?
A9. There is now an emergency relief measure whereby any payment alert
of ₦50,000/$200 and above we receive will attract a payment of 5% to the referrer whose code is included in the bank details sent to us (in
case of new investment) or to the referrer whose code is attached to
the investor’s name (in case of re- investment).

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